Estate Trust Administration

Estate/Trust Administration

Our firm assists personal representatives (Executors/Executrix/Administrators) with all facets of the probate process. Our Estate administration team will guide you through the administration of an Estate as well as complete all of the necessary filings with the Register of Wills.

After a loved one passes away, there are numerous challenges that arise in following the Decedent’s last wishes (in the last will and testament). Our attorneys and estate administration team will simplify this complicated process for you. We’ll provide simple legal solutions, while facilitating the filing requirements of the Register of Wills and Delaware Law.

Our estate administration team will provide competent legal advice to efficiently guide you through every step of your administration. The Register of Wills is the arm of the Court of Chancery that handles probate/estate administration. Our attorneys and estate administration team take care of all of the filing requirements at the Register of Wills, so that you don’t have to personally appear to complete each filing requirement.

In the field of estate administration, you can lean on our attorneys, who have handled complex intestate matters, resolved beneficiary disputes, and guided personal representatives through difficult decisions. Because our focus is on making the task of administering the estate as easy as possible, our vast experience provides a plethora of resources for you, as a personal representative of the Estate.

While representing the personal representative, Tomasetti Law, LLC prides itself on providing beneficiaries with a transparent administration of the probate process. Our estate administration team provides beneficiaries with important information as the process of administering an Estate occurs. Our legal advice to personal representatives is designed to eliminate unnecessary costs, avoid unnecessary liabilities or the possibility of litigation, and timely administration and distribution of assets.

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